Author Topic: any good hook ups around ha8?  (Read 50 times)

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any good hook ups around ha8?
« on: August 03, 2017, 04:38:08 AM »
hi ya guys. so i got banned from ukpunting. idk why but can anyone hook me up with some cheap and good prostitutes in london?i live around ha8. i posted on cl just to find dreams crushed. some guy in essex messaged me and showed me this super hot old gilf that was an alchoholic or crackhead and he was fucking her bb for just 20 quid and a vodka bottle every now and then. id like to find something that cheap or if not. something good atleast. i knew one escort named bella in colindale and man she took my dick raw without any lube and i fucked her until she couldnt take it. it was only 40 minutes to my hour booking but she wanted me to leave and instead of things getting awkward. i took the sign and left. she gave me loads and loads of hickies which were shameful to me haha! memories but oh well. she did say she was off on her holidays and now shes gone. god id love to be able to see bella of colindale again or someone like her. her pics and reviews are on ukpunting if anyone can check it for me and maybe how to get unbanned on ukpunting as well ? supposedly theres the forum owners email out there and if i can get that, id really appreciate it. and about prostitutes i know you get what you pay for but  anyone help a brother out ?  :-[